Real Health

The Initial Assessment is up to an hour and a half and includes a complete health analysis,  lifestyle assessment, and a discussion of eating habits.  Dietary and other recommendations are given which typically include supplements to help you get started on the path towards better health as well as improving specific symptoms.  Follow-up appointments are recommended every 3-4 weeks where further program details are discussed to ensure maximum health benefits and results.

Please note that prices listed in Canadian dollars are for Canadian clients only and are subject to change based on current market rates; if a Canadian price is not shown, that service is unavailable to Canadian clients:

  • Initial Assessment: $160 CDN / 130 USD*
  • Follow-up visits: $90 CDN/ 75 USD per hour*
  • Optional monthly email support up to a maximum of 20 minutes: $25 CND/ 20 USD

*If you are a returning client anytime after one full year, an initial assessment fee will be charged; Hourly fee is charged for actual consult time PLUS additional time required to prepare the appropriate recommendations, which varies by appointment, anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Add-on services available:

  • 12-week REAL Weight Loss Program: $595 CDN / 495 USD
  • Customized 7-day menu plan with shopping list and recipes: $80 CDN / 65 USD
  • Real Food Shopping: 75 USD per hour
  • Call or EMAIL for lab testing fees.  Lab fees do NOT include follow-up visit for discussion of test results. Click HERE to see the list of lab tests available.

Canadian private health insurance coverage:

Some Canadian insurance companies cover nutrition consultations. Please check with your policy provider if you are covered for Nutrition services by an RNCP/ROHP as I cannot provide this information for you. Lab testing, supplements and Fitness services are typically NOT covered by insurance.  To understand the difference between a Nutritionist & a Dietitian, click HERE.

Real Fitness

Personal training sessions are available for women only in Boca Raton, Florida.  Sessions can be done at your home, clubhouse, or outside!  Any equipment required for Personal training sessions is brought to you.  If you don’t live in Boca Raton, or prefer an alternative to Personal Training sessions, please check out the home-fitness program options.

Sessions may be purchased in single sessions or packages of 8.  Packages must be paid in full after the first session and must be used within 8 weeks of the time of purchase.  Please note that additional fees may be incurred for travel time depending on location.

  • Personal Training session: $75 USD per hour
  • Package of 8 sessions (purchase 7, get one free): $525 USD
  • Short-on-time session (1/2 hour): $40 USD
  • Package of 8 short-on-time sessions (purchase 7, get one free): $280 USD
  • Train with a friend: $100 USD per hour

***24 hours notice is required for cancellation or re-scheduling of an appointment***

REAL Supplements

To purchase the supplements that have been recommended to you at your appointment, please visit the online SUPPLEMENT DISPENSARY.

The supplements in our store are the highest professional brands available and far exceed quality and purity you will find from supplement brands at your local drug store or discount stores. At the same time, prices are competitive and affordable!

Give a REAL Gift

Give a loved one the gift of health! Beautifully wrapped gift certificates are available to use towards Real Health & Fitness services. Your gift can be sent to you or directly to the recipient with your personalized note.

Canadian Gift Certificate
Personalized Note

USD Gift Certificate
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